Our Partners are locally based nongovernmental organizations (NGO) that have made a commitment to use video to advance human rights. A partnership is a relationship, generally focused over a period of between one and three years, in which WITNESS provides equipment and hands-on training in camera techniques, strategic planning for incorporating video into advocacy, and brokering the necessary relationships to enable our partners to become more effective advocates for their own causes. We look for collaborations involving specific campaign opportunities where video can play a critical role in helping tip the balance between success and failure.

We are a non-profit organization, not a foundation. We act as advisors, collaborators, and facilitators rather than as funders, and we do not provide cash grants to our partners.

We work with our Partners to create multi-dimensional campaigns around completed productions that can include broadcast and/or online distribution platforms, collaboration with other organizations and networks, targeted screenings before audiences with the power to make a difference, and opportunities for individuals to take action.

Footage from our partners also enters the Media Archive, where it is available upon Partner approval as a unique resource of human rights information to the global community.

We are not currently accepting new applications, but you can access our training materials here. If you have more questions about WITNESS training materials and partnerships, contact us here.


Our current Campaign Partners:



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