Starting out by coordinating voter education campaigns for the 1993 Cambodian election and monitoring the pre-election environment, LICADHO has since been at the forefront of efforts to protect human rights in Cambodia and to promote respect for civil and political rights by the Cambodian government and institutions. Building on its past achievements, LICADHO continues to be an advocate for the people and a monitor of the government through wide-ranging human rights programs from its main office in Phnom Penh and 12 provincial offices.


LICADHO conducts advocacy at the national level to bring about reforms, and works with other local and international NGOs to influence the government. LICADHO regularly produces comprehensive reports and briefing papers, and is one of the main sources of information on human rights in Cambodia.


LICADHO pursues its mandate through several channels, including documentation, human rights education, monitoring, medical assistance, torture advocacy and rehabilitation, children’s rights advocacy, and women’s rights advocacy.  With strong donor support and approximately 130 staff members, including four in each of the 12 provincial offices, LICADHO is well positioned to improve the human rights environment in Cambodia and help victims of violence and abuse.


LICADHO and WITNESS have partnered to train 28 individuals in 8 provinces on how to use video to document forced evictions, and will continue with these and additional efforts as part of WITNESS’ thematic networked campaigns.