Part 5: Conducting Interviews

This video is part #5 of the 5-part "How to Film Protests" series. It addresses how to conduct a successful interview. Most basicly, prepare open-ended (not yes/no) questions ahead of time.
Informed Consent & Safety: Explain to the subject your intentions and how the footage will be used. Record them explainin, in their own words, the purpose of the interview. Remember that once the video is online, you have no control--inform the subject that the authorities might see the video, and might retaliate.  If the subject is in danger of harassment, consider filming their hands, filming out of focus, filming the subject in silhouette, or not filming at all. Ask the subject how they want to be identified on the video.
Technique: Put the camera at the subject's eye level. Frame the shot from the subject's waist or chest to the top of their head, and leave enough extra space so that they stay in the frame as they move and talk. Film in a quiet place; test sound settings beforehand, and monitor and adjust while filiming.
This series incorporates the best practices WITNESS has developed with over 300 partners in 80 countries who are using video for human rights documentation and to create lasting change.

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