Trust: John Thiebes Works Against the Grain, to Ensure a Just World and Healthy Atmosphere

The science is undeniable. We have fundamentally transformed our planet. This ecological transformation, in turn, has created the human rights challenge of our time: climate change. To address this challenge, hope rests with our youth. In Montana, it lies with John Thiebes, age 23, along with nine other youth plaintiffs who are asking the judges and justices of the State of Montana to recognize that our atmosphere is a resource we all share and depend upon for our very survival. Then, considering our dependence, they ask that the courts compel the government to immediate action to protect the atmosphere's health an in turn, our own futures. John's video is the second in the Trust series -- a series of 10 short films to document the stories of U.S. youth, who are standing up in court to compel action on climate change.

John Thiebes at his Farm in Carter, MontanaJohn Thiebes on his Farm in Carter, MontanaJohn Thiebes on his Farm in Carter, MontanaJohn on his farm in Carver, Montana.John on his farm in Carver, Montana at sunset.John and the film crew on his farm.Film crew members, Sean and Deia with John on his farm.

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