TRUST Oregon: Kelsey, a 16-year-old from Eugene, Is Passionate About Preserving This Beautiful Earth

Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana is 16-years old and from Eugene, Oregon. When Kelsey was young, she learned how polar bears were being impacted by climate change. She soon realized that just as polar bears are having to adapt, people are too. In the rainy state of Oregon, warmer temperatures resulting from climate change means more rain and less snow during the winter months. This change affects Oregon’s water cycle. When precipitation falls in the form of snow, it stays on the ground throughout the Cascades melting slowly as winter turns to spring, then summer. When precipitation falls as rain, the water runs off immediately, it isn’t stored for the summer months, it causes flooding and leaves forest drier for longer period of time. This, in turn, increases the risk, intensity and severity of forest fires. Warmer temperatures also threaten Oregon’s coastline, ocean food supplies and infrastructure in coastal towns.
Kelsey understands that we cannot take the health of our air and water for granted. That is why she, along with youth from across the country are, bringing legal action against our governments and asking them to protect our atmosphere. To find out how you can support Kelsey and the youth across the country that are making a difference for all our lives, watch her film then go to Our Children's Trust [ ] and the iMatter Campaign [ ].

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