Meghana Bahar, Global Digital Engagement Manager 

Meghana is a rights activist and decolonial feminist from Sri Lanka. She is a gender and media specialist with over 20 years experience working in the non-profit sector, for transnational and global women’s and human rights movements. She has ample experience working alongside a wide range of diverse teams across the globe, including as a mentor for young feminists. She began her career at age 19 as a development journalist and documentary film producer in south Asia, before completing her BA in comparative literatures and film at Keele University, UK.

Prior to becoming the manager of Global Digital Engagement at WITNESS, she helped establish and led regional communications for WITNESS’ Asia-Pacific program in southeast Asia. She has also set up and led global communications programs for the Musawah movement, and for Health Action International. Meghana recently completed her MA in Gender Studies at the University of Malaya, where she championed reproductive justice by investigating online artivism instigated by global south feminist artists, thus facilitating the transmigration of digital protesting stratagem to academia.

When she is not traversing cyberspace, Meghana’s nomadic spirit skips between ancient historical sites and the etheric dimensions. She is a diviner and lineage healer, and is dedicated to her personal somatic practice. Her interests and passions place her at the intersections of social, restorative, healing, and ecological justice.



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