Valentina Ferreira Amazonas, Global Assistant

Valentina, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. She holds a BA in International Relations and Arab Studies, and joined WITNESS as the organization’s Global Assistant. Through her international background she meets the needs of our regional team through bi-lingual administration.

Valentina’s human rights activism is centered around the defense and preservation of Palestinian civil rights and combating anti-Islamic rhetoric locally in the US and abroad. Along with volunteering with JVP’s Atlanta chapter, she has also spent time in the West Bank working with Project Hope, an NGO centered around promoting peace and education. There she was primarily based in a behavioral therapy program at a center for Palestinian youth with autism spectrum disorder, just north of Nablus. Additionally she worked in two UNRWA refugee camps teaching Spanish and Portuguese to both non-traditional students and high-school graduates.

In tandem with her human rights advocacy, Valentina has a paralegal background and is a court certified Spanish and Portuguese interpreter in multiple Georgia and New York districts.



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