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WITNESS, in partnership with MIT Open Documentary Lab’s Co-Creation Studio, is pleased to announce a new report called “JUST JOKING! Deepfakes, Satire and the Politics of Synthetic Media.” As deepfakes are becoming a powerful tool for artists, satirists, and activists, they can also be disguised as humor but used malignantly to harm. The report explores questions such as who decides what’s funny, what’s fair and who is accountable?


WITNESS is pleased to announce Monica Aleman and Polly Fields as the new Co-Chairs of its Board of Directors. Also joining the Board is Inca A. Mohamed. As accomplished leaders in the fields of human rights, technology, and movement-building from the Global South and North, Monica, Polly, and Inca will each bring unique perspectives and lived experiences to WITNESS’ work, which is rooted in its global network of activists.


We’re keeping our #EyesOnShutdowns because internet shutdowns undermine the right to record and enable escalations of human rights violations. We’ve learned from activists facing shutdowns all over the world on how you can still capture and share footage of abuse and other files during periods without internet access. The resources we created from these learnings are essential to review, share, and practice before a crisis situation.


Visit our COVID19 Response Hub for resources on documenting human rights abuses during the crisis.


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