Jackie Zammuto, Associate Director, Programs, Learning & Sharing

Jackie Zammuto leads WITNESS’s Learning & Sharing work, helping weave together insights and learnings from our global programs, partners and collaborations and transform this knowledge into engaging, practical and thoughtful guidance that can be shared and utilized by activists and human rights defenders around the world.

Previously, Jackie led WITNESS’s programmatic work in the United States, focusing on the use of video for advocacy and evidentiary purposes in the thematic areas of police accountability, decarceration, immigrant rights, and Indigenous rights.

She has over ten years of experience training and collaborating with grassroots activists, legal experts, educators and organizers on issues related to forced evictions, militarized policing, gender-based violence, climate justice, and more.

Before coming to WITNESS she spent five years as a Producer and Project Manager for the award-winning Free State Studios. She holds a B.S. in Broadcast Production Journalism and Women’s Studies from the University of Colorado. Jackie has also collaborated on several feature-length documentaries and independent video projects.



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