Jacquelyne Jasper-Ikpendu, Program Assistant – Africa

Jacquelyne (Jacky) is an experienced development practitioner with expertise in program planning and implementation spanning administration, finance, human resource management, and monitoring & evaluation learning. 

At WITNESS, Jacky ensures the smooth functioning of administrative systems within the Africa region and that program leads are supported in meeting program goals. Prior to joining WITNESS, Jacky worked with Global Rights, a human rights NGO in Nigeria, and Flowminder Foundation in Sweden. 

She holds a bachelor of science in Biotechnology from Imo State University.  She is also a certified member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) UK as well as an alumna of MDF Consultancy in the Netherlands where she underwent courses on Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation Learning. She has a passion for building a confident community of young African women, through her Afro-Kinky hair culture.   



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