Laura Salas, Senior Program Manager, Latin America & the Caribbean

Laura leads WITNESS’ work in Latin America and the Caribbean. She has over fourteen years of experience in community work, especially on communication projects. She has directed over a dozen audiovisual projects with social and human rights content that have been screened at film festivals in Mexico and other countries. She also performs tasks such as direction, screenwriting, investigation, photography and training at the media collective La Sandía Digital.

Laura has a degree in journalism, with a specialization in human rights and documentary filmmaking, and a Master’s Degree in human rights and democracy from FLASCO (Latin America Faculty of Social Sciences). She previously served as Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression at the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City. Laura coordinated the WITNESS and HIC AL video advocacy initiative in Mexico, and worked at several other human rights organizations, including the Mexican Commission of Defense and Promotion of Human Right, and the Human Rights Center of the Mountain “Tlachinollan,” among others. She is member of several collectives.



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