Loui Mainga, Program Communications Coordinator, Africa

Loui Mainga coordinates our Program communications at WITNESS Africa where he uses various regimes of Communication towards one common goal: to amplify our resources and make them accessible to activists and human rights defenders using video to expose the truth and advance accountability for human rights violations.

Having first joined WITNESS in 2019 as a Communications Consultant, he successfully revamped a number of WITNESS Africa’s communication channels by deploying impactful re-engagement strategies.

Prior to joining WITNESS, Loui worked for Malaria No More as a Digital Strategist for Kenya, elevating advocacy efforts against malaria in online spaces in Kenya, an effort which attracted the attention of key global figures and organizations.

Aware that a world that respects human rights can spring forward on many fronts, Loui is committed to helping achieve social justice at community levels. In 2015, he led the student team that pioneered the Human Rights Club at the Centre for Human Rights in Laikipia University, Kenya and in 2016, together with six (6) former University colleagues, he co-founded RAN Initiative, a community-based organization that sought to build basic human rights awareness in Kenya.



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