Peter Gabriel, Honorary Founder

Peter Gabriel is best known as a musician. He started his solo work in 1975 after leaving his old school group Genesis. He has released eleven solo albums and written soundtracks for three films. In 1980 he founded WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance), which has presented 150 festivals in over 40 countries.

In 1992 he co-founded WITNESS, pioneering the use of cameras and technology in Human Rights work and was founder with Richard Branson of The Elders, to bring together a small group of highly respected global elders, which Nelson Mandela launched in July 2007. He is launching The Toolbox, to assemble, curate and create the tools with which to transform our lives and the world we live in.

His other work interests have been in innovative technology, especially in digital media, music, audio and more recently a visual language and DIY Healthcare.Hon

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