Raja Althaibani, Senior Program Manager, Middle East & North Africa

Raja is a human rights advocate who specializes in using video and technology in advocacy, reporting and accountability efforts. At WITNESS Raja draws on over a  decade of experience in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to assist communities and civil society groups using video and technology in their efforts to advance human rights and accountability throughout the region — and she works to ensure that innovative learning is shared and built upon. 

Prior to joining WITNESS, Raja worked with not-for-profits in the United States and the Middle East, providing critical support in key areas like immigration, gender and minority rights, peace and stability and more. In 2011, she was in Yemen covering the revolution as a citizen journalist, media stringer and freelance photographer for international media. Raja’s strengths lie in community mobilization, representation, capacity building, political analysis of the status of the Middle East, international human rights, and Islam.



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