Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, Executive Director

Yvette is a human rights activist who makes it possible for people to use video and technology to protect and defend human rights. She envisions a world where anyone can participate in creating human rights change and leads a global network of activists at WITNESS to work alongside marginalized communities to support the safe, effective, and ethical uses of media and technology to fight for equality and justice. Yvette believes that the truth is a powerful tool to expose wrongs, challenge abusive powers, address injustice, and mobilize for social change.

Before joining WITNESS, Yvette served on the WITNESS board, has worked globally in tech start-ups including JOOST by the founders of Skype, and in established companies in media, content and new technologies including MTV Networks. 

She is a trustee of Foundation Center, a board member for Majal.org and Civic Hall Labs, and an Advisory Board member for Benetech.org. She is a co-initiator of a new project that promotes Sustainable Human Rights Practice.

Follow @yvettethijm on Twitter. As a truth-worshiper and socialista, she shares content that helps power-up billions of activists and communities to use video and tech for human rights .



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