Fast Company on Human Rights Channel

Human Rights Channel Year in Review Highlights Importance of Citizen Witnesses

WITNESS’ Human Rights Channel created a montage of important citizen video it curated throughout the year. You can watch it here:

As Madeleine Bair, the Channel’s curator, wrote in a blog post accompanying the video’s release:

In 2013, the Human Rights Channel curated nearly 2300 videos from 100 countries. Collectively, they reveal not only what citizen journalists filmed this year, but how that video was seen and used. Never before have YouTube videos brought egregious abuse to such influential audiences. But as the importance of citizen video becomes clear, so too do the challenges it involves, including the need for verification and the potential of misuse.

We’re heartened to see that Fast Company, in its coverage of the video’s release, notes the importance of verification in the work we do.

For more, visit Fast Company: A Year Of Citizen Journalism Exposing Human Rights Abuses–In One Video.


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