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Tingo is a Batéké (bah-teh-keh), or Congolese Hunting Dog. He hails from the village of Mvoula, just north of the equator in the Republic of Congo. As a puppy, Tingo met a researcher who was working with a team of local educators on a public health project that sought to protect villagers and wildlife from the lethal Ebola virus. Experiencing significant health issues himself, he befriended the team. His new friends moved him to Brazzaville to be cared for by a talented veterinarian with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Wildlife Health Program. Tingo regained his strength and grew from 2lbs. to well over 20lbs. His size, strength and natural agility proved invaluable. His innate capacity to protect human rights educators led him to WITNESS. Here, he is now responsible for protecting the physical security of WITNESS’ Brooklyn office when he is not in the field assisting the team’s filming efforts (his superior hearing makes him the perfect sound dog!). Tingo’s tail wags are invaluable in ensuring daily smiles, as are his language skills. Tingo speaks English, French and Lingala (although he’s forgotten the word “come” in all languages!).



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