Raja Althaibani, Program Manager, Middle East & North Africa

Raja currently works to ensure that video is used effectively to take advantage of the critical moment of transition in the region and to ensure innovative learning is shared and built upon. Most recently, she was in Yemen covering the revolution as a media stringer and freelance photographer for international media.

Raja is a proud Yemeni American, born and raised in Brooklyn, and her passion for her heritage is translated through her work with not-for-profit organizations domestically and internationally. As a field researcher, she focused on Yemen’s evolution of tribal law and the influence of the Yemeni central government system on the traditional tribal systems. Raja is an AmeriCorps alumna who served one year in the largest Arab American community in New York state providing bilingual culturally sensitive social service support to newly arrived Arab immigrants. She is currently pursuing her CUNY BA in Human Rights and International Development. Raja’s strengths lie in community mobilization, political analysis of the status of the Middle East, international human rights, and Islam.



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