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Feministing Covers Release of WITNESS' Guide on Interviewing Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Feministing, the influential feminist blog and community, highlights WITNESS’ recently released guide, Conducting Safe, Effective and Ethical Interviews with Survivors of Sexual and Gender-based Violence, with an interview with the guide’s author, Rose Anderson.

Says Rose about WITNESS’ motivation to write the guide:

Through our experience training and working with activists around the world, it has become clear that there is a need for guidance on filming interviews with survivors in a safer, more effective and ethical way. Poorly–conducted interviews that do not respect the rights and dignity of survivors have the potential to harm interviewees- which goes against the number one-rule in human rights video: doing no harm.

You can read Feministing’s review of the guide, and further comments from Rose, at feministing.com.

Updates on issues surrounding our work on Gender-Based Violence can be viewed on the WITNESS Blog.


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