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01 Sep #EyesOnShutdowns: Documenting for Human Rights

Around the world, governments, with the cooperation of telecom companies, are increasingly turning to internet shutdowns as a strategy to repress communities, prevent mobilization, and stop information about human rights violations from being documented and shared.  Shutdowns can take various forms, including platform-specific blockages that


08 Jun WITNESS at RightsCon 2021 Online

For the last decade, RightsCon has served as a forum for activists, civil society, and international stakeholders to gather around critical issues, questions, and possibilities that lay at the intersection of technology and human rights.  As a global organization committed to supporting communities to use

Former President Donald Trump's Suspended Facebook Account

12 Feb WITNESS and the Facebook Trump Suspension

WITNESS submitted the following comment to the Facebook Oversight Board on their consideration of the suspension of former President Trump from Facebook and Instagram. For further discussion on these issues see our recent post: Truth, Lies and Social Media Accountability in 2021: A WITNESS Perspective


06 Nov Introspection and Growth at WITNESS

We are at a critical juncture in the quest for fully realized human rights globally. We are committed to honest reflection and hard work to fight for, build, and support equitable power—as much within our organization as with partners around the world.



Visit our COVID19 Response Hub for resources on documenting human rights abuses during the crisis.


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