Image of a protest crowd on a street with a green digital overlay behind text which reads 'Launching WITNESS' gen-AI microsite' in yellow.


For over five years, WITNESS has been researching synthetic media and emerging technologies that have the potential to enhance–or undermine–trust in audiovisual witnessing. At every step of the way, we have worked alongside human rights defenders across four continents to identify the most pressing concerns, and identify recommendations on what we must do now to prepare for AI’s impact on our ability to discern the truth. We are proud to announce WITNESS’ years of deepfakes and generative AI work is now hosted in one place on our new microsite.

We’ve collected our submissions to US and UK policy makers and the United Nations, public reports, and vast video archive into a new microsite dedicated to keeping you up-to-date of our policy, legislative and technical interventions. 

Visit the WITNESS Generative AI microsite here.

Read our recommendations for action on deepfakes, synthetic media, and generative AI here.


Visit our new GEN-AI microsite to keep up to date with our work on deepfakes and AI.

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Visit our new GEN-AI microsite