In Conversation with The Guardian: The Importance of Documenting ICE abuses

Our U.S. Program Coordinator Palika Makam recently sat down with The Guardian to talk about the importance of training immigrant communities about their rights and documenting abuses against them from the hands of Immigration and Customs (ICE) officials.

“One of the best ways of fighting your deportation case, or making a claim for asylum, or for being able to stay in the country is to actually have documentation of what happens when ICE shows up at your door or when ICE tries to arrest you or pick you up,” Palika said. “More times than not Ice violates their own policies or some constitutional law.”

The article also spoke about our recent training on the border in Texas and how she taught three small communities on how to prepare for any interactions with ICE and Border Patrol officials.

Read the entire article here.

For more on our Eyes on ICE project, click here.


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