Recent Stories Featuring WITNESS’ Work in the Spanish Language Press

WITNESS’ work has recently been featured in a number of Spanish-language press outlets.

In July 2015, Program Director Sam Gregory was interviewed by Mexican newspaper Prensa Reforma on documenting human rights abuses using video. The interviewed followed the second Video4Change convening in Mexico City. Sam also discussed the importance of the right to film, how to document protest situations, and how video can be used as evidence.

You can read the full story in Spanish here.

In August, WITNESS Latin America consultant Indira Cornelio appeared on RompeViento, an online television station, to discuss citizen journalism. Indira highlighted the recent Video4Change Latin America convening and how WITNESS engages with activists to help them maximize the use of video on their work.

Indira Cornelio (front right) on RompeViento.

Indira Cornelio (front right) on RompeViento.

The full video broadcast in Spanish is available here.

And finally, Madeleine Bair, Program Manager for the WITNESS Media Lab was featured in the “Buena Gente” (good people) section of El Diario-La Prensa in New York City. Bair highlighted WITNESS’ work on police violence in the United States and how bystander video can impact the justice process.

Read the full article in Spanish.

Featured image: Madeleine Bair at work via El Diario-La Prensa


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