Resources for Witnessing the War in Ukraine

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as those in neighboring countries affected by Russia’s unlawful attacks. In a conflict that is rife with disinformation, false narratives, and manipulated media, the importance of capturing and preserving trusted, authentic accounts of human rights crimes cannot be underestimated.   

We’re sharing resources for those on the ground in Ukraine and Russia – who are navigating immense risks as they capture and share video documentation of potential human rights violations and war crimes. And, we’re sharing resources for those of us witnessing from a distance, so that we amplify grassroots truths and decrease the spread of mis/disinformation. 

Guidance for Frontline Documenters:

Visit our landing page for resources available in Ukranian and Russian here

Guidance for Allies:

As many of us watch, share, and try to make sense of the deluge of videos, photos, and reports coming out of Ukraine– much of which is authentic – we must also be vigilant not to amplify content that may be mislabeled or misleading. And the same is especially true for social media platforms like TikTok, which finds itself centrally placed in the flow of misleading videos related to a high stakes conflict like this. Here are tips and tools to help prevent you from sharing deliberate or accidental misinformation: 

  • How to Verify Eyewitness Video: From our Video as Evidence Field Guide – we share techniques and tools to help verify that a video found online or sent by a source can be trusted as authentic. This resource is available in multiple languages including Ukrainian and Russian

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