Reynolds Journalism Institute Features WITNESS in its Futures Lab

RJI’s Futures Lab profiles some important components of WITNESS’ work. The segment starts at minute four in the video below and begins with our overarching work with activists and citizen witnesses as they look to document human rights abuse with video.

Next come some particulars such as WITNESS’ Human Rights Channel, which curates and contextualizes video from around the world; our work with YouTube to implement a blurring feature into its editing suite in order to protect the identity of victims and those coming forth with human rights abuse allegations; and, finally, our work with The Guardian Project on the creation of ObscuraCam and InformaCam, two mobile apps developed to improve human rights abuse documentation.

About: The RJI Futures Lab is a testing venue for innovative news and advertising methods and technologies. Housed in the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism, the lab provides an environment where professionals, students, faculty and outside partners prototype and test innovations that move journalism forward.


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