WITNESS is making headlines

With growing interest in how video-enabled mobile phones can be better used to expose human rights abuses, WITNESS has been receiving an increasing number of media inquires. Recent media coverage has included our Video as Evidence initiative and our perspective on the citizen video that surfaced, documenting the tragic murder of Walter Scott by a local police officer in South Carolina.

PBS NewsHour: WITNESS is featured as a pioneer in how video can be used as evidence of human rights abuse. The segment featured several of our program staff including interviews with Kelly Matheson, Senior Attorney and Program Manager and Priscila Neri, Senior Program Manager.

The Guardian: The outlet published an oped by Program Coordinator, Morgan Hargrave entitled Police body cameras cannot replace the power of citizen witnesses.

Al Jazeera, English: Following his article in The Guardian, Morgan appeared live on “The Stream”, to continue voicing support for citizen witnesses’ ability to record encounters with police.

Slate Magazine: The article Justice Through a Lens highlights our work to ensure that citizen video meets standards of legal evidence.

The Crime Report: Executive Director, Yvette Alberdingk Thijm shared our viewpoint on the power of citizen video following the Walter Scott incident.

Good Morning Chicago: Kelly Matheson appeared on this morning news show to discuss Video as Evidence and how citizen video was used to charge a police officer with the murder of Walter Scott.*

The Cliff Kelley Show: Kelly also participated in this Chicago radio program to discuss how cameras and camera-enabled mobile phones are ‘changing the face of justice’.*

*The content for these media segments is not available online.



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