WITNESS Co-Hosts Video for Change Workshop at CheckCon 2017

WITNESS is joining a group of inspiring organizations in Beirut for this year’s CheckCon, a 3-day event that aims to bring together 80+ grassroots media collectives, digital technology enthusiasts, professional journalists, and media students & scholars from across the Arab region to reflect on the experiences, successes, challenges and lessons learned since 2011.The conference builds on five years of work on the Check project in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, the US and the UK, and brings together everyone who has contributed to the project since 2011, including speakers and participants from Check partners’ network.

The Check Project has worked to build online tools, support independent journalists, and develop media literacy training resources that aim to improve the investigative quality of citizen journalism and help limit the rapid spread of rumors and misinformation online.

Our MENA Sr. Program Coordinator Raja Althaibani will speak on a panel with our partners at Syrian Archive  along with Bellingcat and Meedan. This panel will be followed by a workshop covering:

  • Un/ Framing Syria : Citizen content and conflict mediation in the digital age
  • Experiences from the field: Using Video for Change in the MENA
  • Archiving the Syrian War
  • Fact-checking video narrative of conflict: Analyzing airstrikes in Syria and Iraq

CheckCon’s free, public Unconference takes place on Saturday, April 22nd. Register here.

For more information on the conference and to view the full 2017 program, click here.


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