CBC Radio Discusses When To Share Videos of Police Violence

Jackie Zammuto, WITNESS’ Senior Engagement Coordinator, was recently interviewed on CBC Radio’s “Day 6” show to discuss what to consider when deciding to share and upload videos of police violence. The episode mentioned recent cases of police violence including the video of the shooting death of Sammy Yatim by a Toronto police officer, who was recently found guilty of attempted murder, as well as the highly publicized video of Eric Garner’s death, which was shot by Ramsey Orta and who has since been subjected to police harassment after the release of the video.

In order to prevent online and offline harassment, an increasingly common problem which eyewitnesses who have shared videos have faced, Jackie shared some WITNESS tips on how to share video safely and effectively. This includes going to a reputable media outlet or seeking advice from a legal expert or local activists before releasing any video footage.

Jackie also discussed what eyewitnesses should consider before releasing video footage. Some possible consequences include the eyewitness’ name permanently being associated with the footage, having to participate in legal proceedings, and eyewitness footage being used without his or her permission. Above all else, Jackie cautions eyewitnesses to know their rights when working with media outlets to release video footage, consulting with a legal expert, and to always ask questions along the process.

Featured image via Ted Eytan


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