Join WITNESS at the Internet Freedom Festival!

Join us from March 5-8 at the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) in Valencia, Spain as we conduct a series of workshops about human rights, video, technology and so much more! The IFF is a unique “unconference” that brings together attendees from all over the world who are fighting censorship and surveillance. We’re so excited to be participating this year!

Here are some sessions that we will be a part of:

  • Anti-oppression Principles for Global Internet Freedom and Human Rights Work Monday, March 5, 2:30-4:45 p.m. with Dia Kayyali, (WITNESS),  Kaustubh Srikanth (Totem), Elizabeth Rivera (IFEX/Global Voices/WITNESS), Sarah Aoun, (Mozilla Open Web Fellow/ Tandem)

This 2-hour long workshop will focus on finding solutions to the ways in which we recurringly see various privileges – such as being from North America or Europe, having light skin, or being a man–exert themselves in the human rights and internet freedom community.

Full description can be found on the IFF schedule here.

  • Going beyond Values Statements: Prioritizing Healthy Organizational Cultures – Tuesday, March 6, 12:15-1:15 p.m. with Nicolas Sera Leyva of (Social Media Exchange/SMEX), Dragana Kaurin (Localization Lab) Nathalie Marechal (PhD Candidate, USC Annenberg) Dia Kayyali (WITNESS)

This panel will be “an intentional conversation about the impact of organizational working cultures on the ability of individuals to go about their work in a healthy, positive, constructive manner. The ultimate goal of this session is to ignite a conversation which leads to a series of collaboratively developed standards – standards which organizations of all shapes and sizes in our community should embrace to demonstrate their commitment to we the individuals who advance their causes and serve our communities.”

Full description can be found on the IFF schedule here.

  • Right to Record – Wednesday, March 7, 10-12 p.m. with Dia Kayyali and others.

What is the right to record? We’re glad you asked. We see the right to record as the right of everyone, not just credentialed press,  to film the police and military when they are carrying out their duties.  If you are interested in learning more about the right to record or our research so far, want to join this work, or want to share your experiences with filming the police, please stop by!

  • WITNESS the Apps – Thursday, March 8, 12-2 p.m. with Dia Kayyali and the Guardian Project

We will be discussing the Android apps we have been working on with the Guardian Project. We will provide demos, and we would also love your feedback. We’ll have some special treats for folks who take a few minutes to chat with us about our apps. You can download ProofMode here and ObscuraCam here.

See you in Valencia!


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