WITNESS is Thrilled to Announce New Board Members

WITNESS is pleased to announce Leonardo Custódio and Pam Mudhray have joined its Board of Directors. Ms. Mudhray will serve on the Board’s Finance and Audit Committee. 

“Léo and Pam bring extensive expertise in anti-racist initiatives – through activist academic research, mobile media activism, and organizational development – to WITNESS,” said Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm. “Léo’s anti-oppressive approaches to activists’ collaboration and knowledge sharing and his depth of expertise in how youth use mobile phones for social justice and participation, align deeply with WITNESS’ values and the way we work globally.” She continued, 

“Pam’s global on-the-ground experience in leading organizations toward more sustainable practices, centered in principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, align with our commitment to support equitable power structures within WITNESS itself and within the larger world.”  

Mr. Custódio is an Afro-Brazilian educator and activist researcher. In his teaching, research, and activism, Custódio focuses on processes where underprivileged and discriminated people use multiple media technologies available to act against the inequalities they suffer in their everyday lives. Ms. Mudhray is a South African global transformation and organizational development professional, with deep roots in public health and education campaigns post-apartheid, who works to develop a more equal, respectful, inclusive, responsible and dignified world. 

Read more about Leonardo Custódio here and via his website here.

Read more about Pam Mudhray here



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