Statement on Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Stalin K. Padma

At WITNESS, we adhere to a strict anti-harassment policy and practice, for our staff, board, partners, consultants, volunteers, networks or any other people we work with, as well as safe spaces principles for any events, convenings, or trainings we hold. We do not tolerate harassment in any form.

We are aware of the recent sexual harassment allegations against Stalin K. Padma, the co-founder and director of Video Volunteers. Effective immediately, and pursuant to our policies, WITNESS will not be working with or associated with Stalin K. Padma in any manner, pending a full investigation into these allegations.

We took note of Video Volunteers’ recent announcement that Stalin K. Padma “has been removed from his role as director and will have no day-to-day contact with the organization.” As a human rights organization that fights for human dignity and security, we strongly recommend that Video Volunteers ensure that an independent, full investigation is conducted into any allegations.


Visit our COVID19 Response Hub for resources on documenting human rights abuses during the crisis.


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