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Upworthy Features WITNESS Animation on Forced Evictions

For the last few years WITNESS has worked alongside allies and partners with some of the 15 million people forcibly evicted from their homes each year.

In our effort to incorporate video advocacy into local and global campaigns for housing and land rights, WITNESS and Amnesty International released the Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit, a multimedia resource for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions.

A core component of the Toolkit is this satirical animation: How to Evict them in Five Easy Steps.

A key goal of this video, of course, is issue awareness. With that in mind, we couldn’t be happier that is was featured on Upworthy, the curatorial juggernaut that reaches almost 40 million people each month.

For more on our Forced Evictions work and the stories of those fighting against them, visit the WITNESS Blog or visit our Forced Evictions site.

Meantime, here’s People Before Profit, another video from the Toolkit.


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