We are pleased to announce that our Tech+Advocacy Program Manager Dia Kayyali was recently interviewed by Nick Glicher, director of TrustLaw at the Thomson Reuters Foundation about WITNESS as part of a series on the future of data privacy and transparency. The series coincided with the sweeping new General Data Protection Regulation going into effect.

In the article titled, “Making the invisible visible with video,” Dia spoke about data privacy and its importance to human rights, and how video techniques and training can equip advocates with the tools they need to make an impact.

“When you put a camera in someone’s hand and they know how to effectively use it, they can tell their own stories and create their own media, which is incredibly important. The people we work with are oftentimes inaccurately portrayed by the media, but when they have the skills to create their own stories, people become empowered to counter that,” Dia said during the interview.

You can access the full interview here.



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