We are excited to present our fourth runner spotlight as part of WITNESS’ participation in the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon. This month, Sam Anderson discusses his marathon goals and films that have made an impact on him. 

Why did you decide to run for Team WITNESS for this year’s marathon?

I decided on Team Witness because I feel that the work being done by the organization in support of human rights and combatting human rights abuse is very specific and tangible. So much of what we learn these days about human rights abuse is coming from video footage, thus the importance of supporting the powerful vehicle of film as a tool against abuse.

What are your goals for this marathon?

I’d like to run it under 3 hours and qualify for the Boston Marathon

How have you been preparing for the big race?

I am training 6 days a week, using the Run-Smart program. Additionally, I try my best to practice as much yoga as I can.

What causes are you most passionate about?

I am very passionate about the Trans community as I have people close to me who are a part thereof. I feel that it’s the next/current forefront of the ongoing civil and human rights movement. I feel it needs a great deal of education and communication to help those not as close to it understand it.

Is there a video/film that is particularly important to you and why?

Yes, I studied film in college as a minor and in particular films most recently that have been very important to me are:  Beasts of No Nation, Embrace of the Serpent and Wings of Desire.  These films in particular open up new worlds of experience for me and very unique visions of how life is for each filmmaker.

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