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WITNESS: Now in a Language Near You

As an organization operating around the globe, it’s long been important to us that our training materials are available in the languages of those that we train. For example, our Forced Evictions Toolkit is available in Khmer, Hindi and Romanian along with Arabic, French and Spanish among others.

Similarly, our Guide to Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based violence is in Zulu, Swahili and Shona along with English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

But while our materials have long been in a number of languages, WITNESS’ online presence has been decidedly English.

We’re happy to announce that that’s changed with the recent launch of WITNESS Web sites in the primary languages we operate in. A warm welcome to WITNESS in SpanishFrenchPortuguese and Arabic.

One of the most important features of these sites are their individual resource sections which allows site visitors to access and download WITNESS materials available to them in their language in one easy place. For example, here’s a detail from Resources Page on the Arabic site.

WITNESS Arabic resource page.

Detail of the Resources page on the WITNESS Arabic Web site.

The sites will be evolving over the upcoming months but, meantime, sharing is caring: Please pass along these new resources to your favorite video activists and organizations.



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