WITNESS training in Ukraine: Video as Evidence

Senior Attorney and Program Manager, Kelly Matheson, is in Ukraine this week to lead a three day training on Video as Evidence for Human Rights defenders in Kyiv. The training is part of the Docudays Human Rights Film Festival, which is taking place around Kyiv between March 20 to 27.

This Video as Evidence training comes on the heels of a recently launched preliminary investigation into crimes against humanity in Ukraine by the ICC.

The training is bringing together a range of human rights defenders who have a stake in using video as evidence including citizen journalists, activists, community reporters and human rights investigators. Through case studies, practical exercises and discussions, participants will learn basic legal principles that will inform what and how they film as well as practical step-by-step guidance on how to capture, share and store video with enhanced evidentiary value. The end goal is to ensure the footage activists often take great personal risk to film, will be more helpful for human rights investigations and justice proceedings.

Learn more about WITNESS’ work to develop Video as Evidence guidelines, in collaboration with the ICC, here.


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