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It’s that time of year where YOU decide what topics you want to hear about at South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2019. The 10-day convening, that brings the worlds’ top filmmakers, musicians, technologists, and creatives to Austin, Texas, has become an annual event for WITNESS. Whether it’s sharing our latest programmatic work with organizational peers, interacting with cutting-edge technologies, or participating in conversations about media and human rights, we look forward to both learning and sharing at SXSW every March.

This year we’re proposing the panel, “Deepfakes: What Should We Fear, What Can We Do,” led by our Program Director Sam Gregory to discuss questions surrounding deepfakes and synthetic media, how they can be used maliciously, and how we can detect and stop them.

More about the panel:

Deepfakes! As more sophisticated, more personalized, more convincing audio and video manipulation emerges how do we get beyond the apocalyptic discussion of the “end of trust in images and audio” and instead focus on what we can do about malicious deepfakes and other AI-manipulated synthetic media. Based on WITNESS’ collaborations with technologists, journalists and human rights activists, we’ll explore the state-of-the-art usage of deepfakes and other ‘synthetic media’, the solutions available to fight these malicious uses and where this goes next. Linked to broader trends in challenges to public trust, disinformation, and the evolving information ecosystem globally how should we plan together to fight the dark side of a faked video and audio future?

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